What We Do

Mission Statement
To provide regional resources, networking, education and advocacy for economic and business development.

WCEDA Services

Regional Resources
We have a pool of knowledgeable professionals and bankers who can assist with business planning, grant writing, financing, and can provide referrals.

Our mission is all about working together to create an economically vibrant region. We’re partnered with the region’s Small Business Development Centers, Workforce Centers, county and city Economic Development Authorities, technical and community colleges, University of Minnesota Extension, and many other area non-profit organizations working to improve the quality of life in our region.
We’ll introduce you to the people in these organizations who can help your business or community reach its goals.

As a member of the International Economic Development Council, we have access to the latest research and ideas for successful economic development. Whether providing individual consultation or working on larger programs with the region’s groups, our goal is to make sure our communities, businesses, and workforce have the knowledge they need to succeed.

Getting Started
If your business or community is interested in our services, contact us using the information below. We are always interested in hearing about the challenges and opportunities facing our region, and are excited to begin “building bridges to somewhere.”

Providing Support
Financial contributions to WCEDA are the easiest way to help us continue our mission of strengthening the regional economy. Business and personal memberships available and may be tax deductable.

Volunteering is another great way to provide support. Opportunities include assisting with events, membership drives, providing professional and administrative assistance, and serving on the board or committees.

For more information contact: Mark Hanson (218) 837-5950

Why A Regional Alliance?
Rural communities are facing new challenges in today’s global economy. Previous community cornerstones, such as agriculture and manufacturing jobs, can no longer be counted on to keep the local economy humming, and tight budgets at the state and federal levels mean that less help is available for community infrastructure and improvement projects.

Volunteer resources are stretched thin along with the local budgets.

The only way rural communities will be able to survive these challenges is to find innovative ways to pool their resources and work together to ensure the same great quality of life for tomorrow that small towns enjoy today.

This project was funded in part by the Initiative Foundation, a regional foundation.